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Welcome to .... a place where you land but don't want to take off. If you are an employer please click here to go to my professional profile on LinkedIn.

This website contains some of the pictures I have taken as a amateur photographer. Two of my pictures have been published by the International Library of Photography in their journals. I have categorized my favourite pictures into following four categories
This website also contains information for amateur trekkers wanting to trek in the western sahyadris. The links to the trekking page contain some of my personal experiences and photos. The fun stuff link contains some good articles, powerpoint presentations, useful links and some spiritual stuff like the meaning of Ganpati Atharvashirsha, Gayatri mantra (along with the audio) etc. If you are here to read about Indian Classical Music please visit SwarGanga at The website on Indian Classical Music gives an overview about different concepts in Indian Classical Music such as raag, taal, sur, patti etc. It also has a Raagabase, Taalabase, Bandishbase and a Raag Finder. You can also find different marathi and hindi songs based on various raags. Give it a try and I am sure you will love the site!

Please write comments in the guest book. This will help me improve the website. Happy Surfing!

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